What Ive been up to!

11:22 AM
Hello there! Haley here.

Its been a first good month of 2015.
What I've been up to..

I started washing fabrics by the bolt, getting ready to cut out patterns and sew for the summer markets.

I caught up on sewing and shipping all 2014 orders. (If you ordered in 2014, you should have received you item(s) by now. And, I hope you just love them. If you do, please let me know.. I would also LOVE to see your pictures! (And, if they're exceptional, I would love to give you a special discount in exchange for your photos!)

Ben, my boyfriend, graduated in December. He graduated in economics, and is job hunting right now. And, I am now working from home on website design, and marketing for Saratoga Smiles. And sewing. I am so grateful for this opportunity, my parents have given me. I now have the time to invest in my business, and am learning a lot about website design, google ads, and marketing styles.

I am filing my taxes from 2014. I have learned a lot about what I need to do, this year, to make taxes easier for next year.. haha.

I am closed until March 1st. Starting March 1st my turn-around will be 2 weeks for made-to-order, and 2 business days for ready-to-ship.

I have my eye on 3 specific item I really need for the business this year. I am hoping to invest in a 10x10 tent for markets, hoping I can convince Ben to make me a large custom dress display to bring with me to markets, and a label printer. Slowly but surely.

Thanks for reading my updates!! Next, I will be posting a free tutorial for how to sew a simple skirt, like the ones I sell in my business. If you're interested, please comment below!

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