Day 3 of Summer Sewing Camps

8:41 PM
Day 3:

Today, I started 8-10am with K, finished our zipper pouch, and then sewed a scrunchy!

K really impressed me with how quickly she finished the zipper pouch. I was not originally planning to sew the scrunchy today, but she finished the pouch in just 1.25 hours, so we had plenty of time to stitch the scrunchy. She picked out a guitar and ukulele fabric, by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics, for her scrunchy.

The scrunchy pattern can be found here, at hartsfabric

A and L came to class at 10-12pm, and they also whipped through the zipper pouches so quickly. I am so impressed with how meticulous they are. L only had to pick a couple stitches, since she forgot to stop stitching all the way around the bag, and leave an opening for turning the pouch outside right.

They also got to sew their scrunchies! We ended class by picking their tote bag fabrics, and I showed L and A how to cut fabric with a rotary cutter, and scissors. Tomorrow we will spend more time on this when the totes are finished, if we have time!!

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