Official First Intro Class

3:23 PM
Day one:

For this first class, I have 3 students, K, A and L. (11-12 yrs old)

First, I removed the needles from all of their machines, and took out all of the bobbins and threads. Then I taught them the different parts of a machine, their names and function.

We used the Student Sample Book, from, to then test their memories, I had them label a diagram all on their own.  Then they learned how to thread their bobbins and their machines. I put their needles back into the machine, and we practiced threading a LOT, and took way too long on it. I guess if they're going to be sewing on their own in the future, being able to properly thread their machine is top priority. ha. So, I didn't mind the delay too much..

Then we practiced straight stitching, and backstitching on paper. After I felt that they had sewn enough straight lines, keeping their seam allowance at a 1/4", they started their first project, and sewed 8  12"x2.5" strips of fabric together to make the front of a pillow cover!!

I felt like I was having a hard time helping all three girls at once, since none of them had ever handled a machine before. I decided that it may be better for everybody if I split the class into groups of 2 and 1, so I luckily was able to switch K to an afternoon private lesson, and hoped day 2 would be much more efficient.

Day 2:

I am so glad that we split the class into two groups. This day was much less stressful for me, and moved ahead on a much better schedule. (I even emailed my next class's students and split those classes into groups of 2 girls at a time, instead of 4!) It is a learning experience for me too.. and I am grateful I have been able to make the adjustment.

We were behind schedule after day one, so on day two, we started by finishing our 1st project.

The girls finished sewing their front sides together, then learned how to do a corner stitch, (Starting on a side, back stitching to start, sewing to 1/4" from the end of the fabric, leaving needle in the fabric, lifting presser foot, turning the fabric, putting the presser foot back down, and continuing the stitch around the whole pillow cover until they overlap their starting stitch and backstitch to end!. Then they learned to iron a hem (using a little gauge ruler to make sure the hem is even) on their two pillow cover back pieces. They pinned their front and back pieces together, with right sides together, back pieces overlapping with the hems facing each other, and sewed all the way around like they had practiced on paper. It was a great success! The girls were really confused about how they would turn their pillows out, until I showed them at the end how the two hemmed back pieces opened up to turn the pillow cover outside right!! 

Here is a photo of A and L with their finished pillows!! 
They each said, "It looks like I bought this at the store, it is so professional!" How cute are they!?

I am already so proud of them!

We finished the day by starting our zipper pouch projects, by learning about how to switch presser feet out (safely) and how to iron interfacing onto the back side of fabric properly.

Tomorrow we will learn the rules of sewing a zipper!! So far, so good!

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