Day 2: 6-9yr old class

2:57 PM
Okay. Today was an adventure.

When the girl's arrived, they were so excited that they both ran upstairs to their machines. They each re-thread their machine twice, mostly all on their own, to make sure they have it down.

Then we warmed up by doing reinforced straight stitches on lines 6-9, of their little paper.

Then they finished sewing their strips of fabric together for the pillow cover fronts. At one point, there were some tears shed. Poor miss R just got a little overwhelmed, having her mom and I both trying to help her, and it came out in some tears, but after a little break she came back. Her mom was able to step back a little, and I countered the tears with some extra positivity. I reminded her that sewing is about having fun, it doesn't need to be perfect and it is okay if she forgets things. That is what class and learning is all about! Thank goodness she came back and something clicked, because from then on, her "steering" and retention totally improved!

We ended up adding 1 more strip each, so that the pillow cover would be wide enough for the pillows. (They lost some length when their seam allowances would get bigger, but that's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect, and was an easy fix). Then they learned how to do a hem, on both of their back pieces, pin the front piece and back pieces together. At this point they practiced corner stitches on paper, before also sewing corner stitches all the way around their pinned front and back pieces! Then they learned overcast stitching, and stitched all the way around their pillows, then trimmed the corners and VOILA, they had pillow covers. They were beyond ecstatic and proud of their pillows.

Each girl picked out some fabrics for their own zipper pouches and their scrunchies. Tonight I'll cut out everything they need, and tomorrow, we learn about different presser feet. AH!

All in all:
I am feeling that class is going well, that the girls are absolutely capable of learning to sew, but that I also have no intention of ever teaching this age group again. At least not in pairs. hahahaha. I am exhausted. They each need so much attention and constant reminders of what to pay attention to.

Lesson learned. Glad I am teaching them, but also glad that I don't have to teach anybody younger than 10, in the future, if I don't want to.

Have you taught a young child before? What did you learn from the experience? Do you enjoy teaching young children to sew? I am open to any tips.

How cute are they!? I love how proud they are.
Fabric by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics, and Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Looking forward to tomorrow,
Miss Haley

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