Day 2, Level 2: Pattern Class

1:10 PM
Day 2:

M & A arrived at 10am, totally amped up to finish their little doll tunics and hopeful that they could start cutting their fabrics for their Alabama Pattern Studio Bolero shirts.

We started at step 5, and went step by step until step 12! Each girl had her own copy of the pattern instructions, and I asked them to read the instruction, then look at the picture, read the instructions again, and if it still didn't make sense I would show them. Luckily, they did pretty well, and only needed a few tips and corrections from me.

Of course the sleeves and sleeve hems were the trickiest part, but once they went past that we got to learn how to make a gather stitch and line up the seams and edges to attach the bottom ruffle. I felt like teaching this skill was a must today- and I am glad they were patient about how long it was taking them to gather.

At the end- they were pretty stoked about their little shirts. I think one of them was going to try to put it on their puppy.. haha. I told her she may be better off looking for free dog clothing patterns on Pinterest instead.

They were overjoyed that they could start cutting out the pattern pieces for their own Bolero tops. They were surprised that the pattern didn't have notches to mark where fabrics should line up, so I had to explain to them that sometimes patterns don't have all the markings that we wish they did..

Tomorrow we will sew the shirts, and maybe, if we have time, make simple square kirts to go with them.

On another FUN note, tomorrow, I will be in a WONDERFUL blog tour, for Bonnie Christine: The Wonderful Things Blog Tour! So be sure to come back tomorrow to see more about her beautiful fabrics and what I chose to make with them!!! (plus a coupon for a free download of the pattern)

If you want to hop on the tour, start with
Sarah's blog:

Be back tomorrow!
-Miss Haley

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