Day 3: 6-9 yr old sewing class

5:37 PM
Over the evening, I cut out the girl's fabric selections for their zipper pouches, and ironed on the interfacing!

I laid out their fabrics and three different zipper color options, each. They both wanted pink.

To start class each girl practiced some straight stitches, and I made a point to have each girl look at her stitches from 1-10 and see how much they had improved in just two days of class. R was a little distracted today, but despite her distractions, class went well.

Today, A ended up being the one to cry. She smashed her little finger under the machine while scooting it forward, and it shocked her. Thankfully, she was able to get back at the sewing after a little comforting from her mom. In that moment especially, I was really glad her mom was there.

I was also shocked today- because we were able to finish the zipper pouches from start to finish all in one class!! I really expected it to take us a class and a half, but they just whipped right through the steps!

They were so beyond proud of themselves. Tomorrow we will do scrunchies and then small tote bags!

I am so glad that I am teaching these two, but this class has shown me that I am totally capable of teaching a 6 year old to sew, that doesn't mean I ever want to do it again. So much work!

-Miss Haley

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