Last Day of 1st Summer Sewing Camp

8:09 PM
Day 4:

Today I started the morning with K, again, from 8-10am. I had already already cut her fabrics out for her the day before, so we were ready to start at the ironing board when she arrived!

Step one, we ironed bias tape for straps. The pieces were 4 x 26" long, and instead of turning them out like the scrunchy, we ironed them like a bias tape, and sewed along both sides, close to the edge.

Then we sewed sides and bottoms of both the outside and liner fabrics. I showed them how to cut the 2" squares from the bottom corners, and iron that open for easy stitching of the bottom corners of the bag! They loved this part, because they didn't understand it, until they did it, and then it made sense to them when they saw it after they stitched the bottom corners!

Then, they turned the outside body right side out, and measured 3.5" from each seam on the left and right. They pinned the straps to the inside of the marks, making sure to not twitch the straps as they pinned. They baste stitched the straps so they would stay in place, then, the of so confusing part of tucking the outside bag into the inside out liner piece. They didn't understand, until they stitched around the top, leaving the 4" space open for turning it out. They ironed and then top stitched to close the hole and keep the liner to the inside.

They were SO proud! I am so glad we finished the project, and still had time to go over how to cut fabric at the end. I will go into cutting fabric when I teach my pattern class in a few weeks. So far A is signed up, but hopefully some of my other students will sign up after their intro class too!

Next class is July 12-15th with 4 new girls, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon! Can not wait!!

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