Level 2: Learning to Sew with Patterns

1:33 PM
Today was the first day of my first level 2 class. (Man, that's almost a tongue twister)

I had A, from the first class, and M from last week's Intro Class back at 10-12pm today.

I was seriously nervous, since I had not tested my curriculum for this level, and had no clue how quickly or slowly we would get through the material. But, as soon as the girls arrived, and we started going over the PILES of paper and information, it just started to flow.

Day One:

So, first I prepped a folder of papers for each student, they included a combo of a bunch of free printables, photo copies of a few of my pattern envelopes, and a worksheet to fill in, as they interpreted the pattern envelopes.

We started by first, learning how to take our own measurements and filling out this handy sheet:

After we knew our measurements, it was time to look at our pattern envelopes, determine what size we will be making, amount and type of fabric we will need, and our requirements/notions. For this, I made a worksheet and photocopies of a few of my pattern envelopes, so they could practice a few times.

Once I felt like they really understood all the jibjab on the envelopes, why they needed to know it before buying their pattern and fabrics, we moved on, much to their joy, to cutting out our pattern pieces for a doll tunic (8041, A tunic) and then looked and went over our understanding pattern markings guide sheet:
By now, the two girls were seriously sick of paper work, so we FINALLY started to pin our pattern pieces (1-5) to the fabric, and learned to cut them while also paying attention to those oh so important markings that they were so sick of learning about. (5 minutes of looking at something that looks like a foreign language is apparently and understandably boring). Once they saw how understanding the lines and markings helped them to know how to properly cut out their pattern pieces, they were a lot more forgiving of me making them learn those markings in the first place haha.

We checked the pattern fabric key, to make sure they each understood the pattern instruction drawings that they would be using as reference as they followed each step, and FINALLY began sewing with step 1. We only got through step 4 today, but I was thrilled to see them understanding the pattern instructions, and even doing really well following the curved edges (even though we hadn't really done much curve stitch practice in level 1)! And they were just happy to be sewing. haha.

Tomorrow, my goal is to finish the doll shirts, and have the 6 pattern pieces cut out for their own t-shirts. Crossing our fingers! I will let you know how it goes!!

-Miss Haley

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