Week 1 of 6-9yr old 'Intro to Sewing' classes

8:35 PM
This week, I am teaching a 6 year old & 7 year old. This is my first time trying to teach such young students. I was not totally sure what I had signed up for, before today. Oh my goodness. Talk about exhausting, hahahahahaha. They are total DOLLS, but I was VERY busy..

-These two girls are adorable, and actually capable of doing a lot of what I tell them.
-Their mom's are staying for class, so I am able to rely a little on their help.

-It takes them a lot longer, and a lot more attention and reminders than the older students.
-They also really struggle to understand how to correct a stitch that is straying too far from the proper seam allowance.

Today we were able to:
1. Go over the parts of a machine, and what they do.
2. How to do the 5 steps of safe sewing, with the needles out. (Place fabric, put presser foot down, put needle down, put hands in SAFETY position, then gently press on foot pedal with TOES only).
3. How to wind a bobbin and thread their machines.
4. How to sew a seam allowance. (They need a lot more practice, thank goodness they will get lots of practice in our first project).
5. How to sew on straight lines, and also how to do a backstitch when we start and stop each seam.

They sewed 5 of the straight lines on their paper, then sewed 4 seams of the strip pillow cover project!


I hope to start with some warm up, sewing straight lines on paper. Then finish sewing the pillow front strips together, and learning how to do a turning corner stitch, a hem, and an overcast stitch.

Crossing my fingers it all goes well.

If we have extra time, maybe we will start our scrunchies!

I'll let you know how it goes after tomorrow's class,

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